Mason and Daniel Paull  

Team Shimano Tasmania 


Can you tell us about your background in fishing?

It's a generational thing for us, this fishing caper. The passion and enthusiasm for angling has been past down over three generations, if not more.

What types of fishing do you specialize in? What do you enjoy most about this type of fishing?

We cover a vast range of species in Tasmania and don't particularly isolate ourselves to one form of fishing. During the warmer months of the year, we love to chase kingfish, snapper, stripey trumpeter, whiting and bream. As the weather begins to cool down, our focus will usually shift to either chasing big southern bluefin tuna or broadbill swordfish. Then from August until around October/November we'll chase trout, particularly the big sea running fish from the West Coast rivers.

What are some of your favourite fishing spots, and why do you enjoy fishing there?

Although chasing swordfish beyond the continental shelf is one of the highlights of the season, nothing can compare to the majesty and tranquility of the Pieman River located on the western side of the state. The dark tannin stained water and lush temperate rainforest surrounding the river are quite spectacular. Tasmania is a very scenic place in general and there are a plethora of stunning locations to explore.

What is your most memorable fishing experience or catch?

That's a difficult one! It'd be hard to pick one but out of sheer effort and determination over a lengthy period of time, our first successful release of a broadbill swordfish would have to be up there with the best! We'd worked hard for that one.


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