In this category, Baltic offers buoyancy aids that are specifically designed for particular activities and sports on or in the water. There are models for kayaking, canoeing, dinghy sailing and sport fishing. The buoyancy aid Dinghy Pro for instance is used extensively by national sailing teams across the globe from USA to Australia.

The thing to consider when choosing a buoyancy aid is what specific uses you wish it to perform. For instance, in kayaking an all-round vest is ok however the optimum choice would be a kayak vest which is shorter cut so that it does not slide up when you sit down and cut away at the side for more freedom of movement.

The one thing all the models have in common is safety. All Baltic’s buoyancy aids are test and approved to the latest standards.

Functional buoyancy aids are approved to 50N standard, this means that a buoyancy aid will keep you afloat with a good margin of safety but will not turn you on to the safe back position or support your head. Therefore 50N products are only suitable for swimmers and for person 25kg. If you weigh less than 25kg or are not able to swim you should use a lifejacket.

Dinghy Pro

Special dinghy racing buoyancy aid. Used by numerous national teams in World Cup Optimist racing. Zipped front pocket. Extra soft foam makes it the dinghy sailors favourite buoyancy aid. Waistband has Velcro adjustment. Over the head with side entry. Optional crutch strap can be fitted to the two smallest sizes. 5 Year Warranty. 


Comfortable buoyancy aid with elasticated shoulders straps and a generous sized head opening for easy donning. Chest pocket. 5 Year Warranty. 


Classic robustly made and designed paddler buoyancy aid. Especially suitable for hire use. Net pocket on the chest. Crutch strap. Reinforcement tape over the shoulders. Buoyancy 60N. 5 Year Warranty. 

Canoe Hydro

Back pack designed to hold a hydration bottle. D-rings on shoulders to retain the hydration tube and to attach hat, sunglasses etc. Deep pocket on the chest. Crutch strap. Other design features the same as they Canoe. 5 Year Warranty.