An all-round buoyancy aid designed to suit normal boating and activities on or near water. When selecting an all-purpose vest the two most important parameters are fit and design, it should fit comfortably and suit your specific needs.

All-round buoyancy aids are approved to the 50N standard, this means that a buoyancy aid will keep you afloat with a good margin of safety, but will not turn you on to the safe back position or support your head. Therefore the 50N products are only suitable for swimmers and for persons over 25kg. If you weigh less than 25kg or are not able to swim you should use a lifejacket.

For all our buoyancy aid models that have a waistband there is a retro-fit crutch strap available as an accessory, this when fitted prevents the buoyancy aid riding up in the water, making it easier to swim. A lot of kids have fun swimming with a buoyancy aid and the crutch strap ensure it does not slide up over the arms. What distinguishes the different models besides colour is the design and cut, some models have segmented panels, allowing the buoyancy aid to dolor the contours of your body providing a better and more comfortable fit. Other models have zipper pockets for storage of keys or personal effects.


Having the flotation material in multiple panels provides the Trim with a high degree of comfort and fit. Front zip fastening with waistband and bottom tie. 5 Year Warranty. 


An entry level general purpose buoyancy aid. Neck tie, waistband and bottom tie. 5 Year Warranty.