As a thixotropic adhesive, Epiglue doesn’t sag. Once applied, it creates a virtually colourless glue line that’s very tough. It’s also perfect for filling gaps and close contact glue types.

Interfill 830

For professional use only. A special 2-component, light grey epoxy that fills gaps of up to an inch without sagging. This makes it perfect for profiling above and below the waterline on steel, aluminium and composite hulls.

Interfill 833

Interfill 833 is an easy to sand, finishing filler that corrects minor surface defects before the final coat. Soft and easy to use, you can apply it using a trowl, filling knife or fairing batten.


Epifull is a medium to high density, general purpose filler that can be drilled, tapped and used under compressive loads. It’s also perfect for coving and a wide range of filling jobs.

Other Products

AkzoNobel’s International brand offers a complete range of Fillers & Epoxy. For the complete range check in store or visit the International Yachtpaint website.