Sea Hawk XL

High performance LED floodlights utilising Hi-Tech materials. Energy saving Hella marine Sea Hawk XL lamps offer powerful illumination to eclipse many halogen floodlights with class leading aesthetics, function and durability.


Sea Hawk XLR

Next level technology offering incredible intensity. 1300 lumens of crisp, white, darkness-busting illumination with all the proven Sea Hawk durability and efficiency advantages.

Sea Hawk XLB

High output LED floodlights in a sleek and versatile design. The new XLB floodlights generate over 2200 lumens of crisp, white light to illuminate the hardest to see places while continuing the durability and efficiency advantages accustomed to the proven Sea Hawk range.


A quantum technology leap for commercial vessels, HypaLUME is Hella marine’s most powerful floodlight. The powerful optical system generates over 20,000 lumens for a mere 240W consumption offering class leading luminous efficacy.