Hella marine LED lighting products are sophisticated opto-electronic devices designed for durable, energy efficient, maintenance free operation. Recent quantum leaps in the luminous intensity of LEDs per watt have allowed marine lighting systems to develop significantly to effectively illuminate a vessel’s interior.

Quality LED lighting provides many significant advantages over traditional filament based sources. Significantly reduced power consumption, increased reliability, reduction in radiated heat and attractive ambient effects are all benefits of modern LED lighting systems. The following are key considerations when selecting LED lighting for marine interior and exterior applications.


Hella marine 95mm LED downlights harness state of the art LED technology to provide illumination comparable to 20W incandescent lamps for a fraction of the power consumption.

Completely sealed for interior and exterior installations, wet or dry, EuroLED lamps are the durable choice with class leading efficiency. Available in a range of sizes from 75mm to 150mm.

EuroLED Touch

EuroLED Touch lamps provide red / white, blue / white or white only light control via completely sealed touch sensitive technology. Each lamp is completely sealed, highly impact and shock resistant, for an ultra long service life.


Completely sealed, compact LED lamps featuring highly efficient LED technology and an ultra wide spread of light.

DuraLed lamps are thoroughly proven for harsh environments and represent outstanding class leading energy efficiency and maintenance free β€˜fit and forget’ technology.