Cruising Hydrogenerator

The CRUISING hydro generator is a simplified variation of the RACING version, adapted to the use of cruising and racing sailboats.

Even lighter, more manageable, more hydrodynamic and corrosion resistant… Result of our experience, the new generation of Cruisin hydrogenerators and its new features meet the requirements of users, boatbuilders and installers :

  • Available in 2 outputs, 300 or 600 Watts and 2 lengths, 610 or 970 mm, to meet the requirements of any sailor
  • “Brushless” technology and same material on any model
  • Converter 12-24 Vcc auto-detected with an advanced electronic architecture
  • New bracket with its cam positioned closer to the hydrogenerator to hold it firmly immersed or lifted. The locking and unlocking is possible with one hand
  • 2kg lighter, lifting and removal are even easier
  • Redesigned with optimized hydrodynamic, the generator is in composite with enhanced corrosion  resistance.


With a pleasant design, the 300 and 600W Cruising Hydrogenerators are light, compact and easy to install on your boat. Built in robust materials, it does not require any maintenance.
Effective on a range of speed from 2 to 10 knots, its simple assembly is carried out on the transom thanks to a lifting system, like rudder, with an integrated cam-cleat.

  • Power : 120W at 5 knots further to the model and size of the propeller (10A – 12V; 5A -24V)
  • Start-up speed: 2 knots
  • Aluminium leg : 610 or 970 mm
  • Cruising 300 : nominal output 300 Watts (24 A in 12 Vcc)
  • Cruising 600 : nominal output 600 Watts (48 A in 12 Vcc)
  • Delivered with the last generation of converter 12-24 Vcc automatically detected, one 240 mm propeller (200 mm and 280 mm in option), new bracket with its cam-cleat and one fitting kit


  • Effectiveness exceeding that of wind generators and solar panels
  • Excellent output allowing sailing with surplus energy, and fully charged batteries  when you reach your mooring
  • Negligible drag thanks to perfect hydrodynamics
  • Efficient operation from 3 to 20 knots