The Cabo was nominated for a DAME award at the 2014 METS Trade Show in Amsterdam and won the Australian Marine Industry Award for the Most Innovative Exported Product in 2015.
The Cabo (half frame) floats in both fresh and salt water due to the built in air chambers in the nosepiece and temples of the frame.

The Cabo is available in four frame colours: Matt carbon fibre with dark grey nosepiece and non slip temples, Matt black with black nosepiece and non slip temples, Gloss white with royal blue nose piece and non slip temples and Gloss graphite with red nose piece and non slip temples.

Lens options are: Polycarbonate polarised high wrap lens – in grey, amber, grey with silver mirror and grey low profile. Polycarbonate polarised with bi focal readers in their base. Available in grey or amber with +1.50, +2.00 or +2.50 powers. Polycarbonate polarised photochromic (the lens reacts to varying amounts of UV and in low light it’s Cat1 and then darkens to Cat3 in full sun. Polycarbonate polarised photochromic bi focals – This is our award winning lens and is available in grey +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50. This lens is Cat1 (around 15% darkness in low or no light and as the sun and UV intensify the lens darkens to Cat3 (around 75% darkness).


The Floater

The Floater model floats in even the most turbulent of water. There are air cells moulded into each temple and in the nose piece. When fitted with the 1.1mm polarized lens it has a density of 0.95gm/ml. Fresh water is 1.00gm/ml and salt varies between 1.03 and 1.05gm/ml so the frame is very buoyant. The Floater frame is dual moulded from TR90 (a hybrid nylon in the main frame) and non slip senaprene in the temples and nose piece.

Frame colour options are: Gloss carbon fibre with grey non-slip temples and nosepiece, Gloss tortoise shell with tan non-slip temples and nosepiece, Matt black with dark non-slip temples and nosepiece and Matt grey with green apple non-slip temples and nosepiece.

What makes this model one of our best sellers is the variety of unique lens option available: Acetate 1.1mm thick polarized grey, amber, blue mirror or green mirror. The industry standard is a
lesser quality 75mm. Acetate 1.1mm polarized photochromic lenses in grey or amber. These lenses lighten and darken depending on the available UV – there is around a 40% change from Cat2 to Cat3. Polycarbonate polarised – grey or amber. Polycarbonate polarised photochromic in grey or amber. Polycarbonate polarised bi focal reader in grey in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 powers.
Polycarbonate polarised photochromic bi focal in grey (Award Winning) in the above powers. RX prescriptions can be fitted into this frame by most optometrists.


San Juan

The San Juan model has air cells moulded into each temple. The TR90 frame is dual moulded with non slip temples and nose piece.

Frame options are: Matt black with grey, Matt tortoise shell with tan and Matt grey with red.
Lens options are: Acetate polarised grey or amber.



The Namotu is a more fashion frame with large square lenses. It suits most adult face shapes. It is the favourite of Mark Richards the skipper of one of Australia’s most successful sailing yachts – Wild Oats XI.

Frame options are: Gloss tortoise shell with tan trim and Gloss grey with red trim.
Lens options are: Acetate polarised grey or amber.



The Tavaura is a great fitting wrap frame with great peripheral vision and side glare protection. it suits most adult face shapes.

Frame options are: Matt steel blue with black trim and Dark gloss grey with red trim.
Lens options are: Acetate polarised grey and amber.



The Kiama is our latest floating frame. Due for release in February 2019 it is available in two options. Fitted with normal sunglass temples or with a fully adjustable head strap as below which turns them into a goggle – ideal for jet skiing, SUPing, surfing, waterskiing or dinghy sailing.

Frame option is: Matt black with black non slip nose piece and temples.
Lens options are: Acetate polarised grey or amber.


Sea Spray

The SeaSpray is a super lightweight goggle with a multitude of uses. Ideal for anywhere the elements can effect your vision. Ideal for sailing dinghy’s, water skiing, Kite surfing, jet skiing, sky diving or for the jockey at the track. The smoke frame is flexible while the impact resistant polycarbonate grey lens offers eye protection from foreign objects.



The Flores is a superlight weight frame fitted with polycarbonate polarised lenses.
Frame is gloss tortoise shell and lens options are polarised copper and G15 green.



The Samoa is a larger half frame fitted with grey polycarbonate polarised lenses. It has a fully adjustable nose piece so fits all face shapes.