Barz Optics Sunglasses

Established in 1996 Kevin Barr, a former surfing champion. During his years in the surf industry Kevin encountered many surfers and outdoor sports enthusiasts who suffered eye problems and expressed the desire to protect their eyes from UV rays and obtain sunglasses to withstand their sports, and into which prescription lenses could be fitted. Fourteen years of design and development the frame is injection moulded using a hybrid nylon TR90.


MINOX primarily focuses on new product lines such as sport optics and miniaturised digital cameras. Continued and innovative development of MINOX sport optics has won the company several prestigious national and international design awards, steadily increasing and further establishing the tradition-rich company as an innovative and qualitative brand.


RAILBLAZA began its life as a mounting system for holding things to the back of a quad-bike. Once the initial concept was developed, it was realised that this system had merits in the marine industry also. RAILBLAZA products are so versatile, and great value for money. StarPorts can be mounted just about anywhere, and because they’re made in New Zealand, the quality is fantastic.