Yvette Heritage

Where do you live?

Sydney, Australia

How long have you been sailing?

I have been sailing for 29 years

What is your favourite Gill product?

Favourite Gill product is actually my orange visor! But I also like my zenlite skiff wetsuit for summer. 

A little about Yvette:

I love sailing 18 footers with the challenging and fun racing that it gives you. I am also passionate to be sailing 18ft skiffs and showing younger girls that they too can sail such a fun boat as the 18s, where I enjoy been involved in opportunities to take out younger girls for a ride on the 18. I also volunteer as a Director of the Australian 18 Footer League where I can help to ensure the longevity of a sailing class that I looked up to as a teenager and am really enjoying the challenge of sailing them now.

I am also navigator on yachts, and have completed 3 Sydney to Hobarts as navigator. This year is bringing greater opportunity where I will have my introduction into big boat navigating on a 72ft yacht for the BWPS and Sydney to Hobart, also competing in the Maxi series and SOLAS Big Boat day.